Red Noses Raise Money

The inaugural Red Nose Day in the United States on May, 21, 2015 raises money through laughter to be used to support the children and young people living in poverty.

Gathering people nationwide in a unified laugh sparked by the appearance of a big red clown nose on the most unsuspecting of faces will raise awareness and much needed funds.

Flax Dental is honored to be involved. We laughed with each of you and smiled when a donation was made in your honor. Together we were able to make a wonderful donation to the fight against poverty. Thank you!

Learn more about the Red Nose Day event here.

Tilly-Shirley Red Nose Impressions

Keeping it red while making impressions.

Robyn and Doc-kiss-kiss

Red nose kiss between Robyn and Doc!

Faith-Marlon-Tilly Red Nose Day

Faith, Marlon, and Tilly getting their Red on!

Flax Dental Red Nose Day

Flax Dental Team on Red Nose Day

Debra and Tilly Red Nose Day

Tilly thinks Debra nose that red is a great color for her.

Dave and Tracey Red Nose Day

Dave & Tracey have a lot to smile about.

Evan Red Nose Day

Evan took Red Nose Day to the next level.


Frank,Faith and Dr.Flax Red Nose Day

Frank, Faith, and Dr. Flax look like triplets.

Kersten,Virginia,Tilly,Edi,Tracey Red Nose Day

Kersten, Virginia, Tilly, Edi, & Tracey give Red Nose Day two thumbs up.

Kandy Red Nose

Kandy wears her red nose well.

Ravila and Tilly Red Nose Day

Ravila shows Tilly how to wear the red nose with class.

Flax family

The Flax Family looks good in red. Noses that is.

red nose 1

Rocking the red nose.

red nose 3

Way to go Team Red Nose!

Nearly 30 Years of Dental Expertise

dentist-atlanta-meet-the-drDr. Hugh Flax has a passion for practicing dentistry. He takes great pleasure in changing patients’ lives through their smiles. He received his degree in dentistry at Emory University and began Flax Dental in 1987. Outside the office, Dr. Flax loves music, New Orleans, traveling and more music. Follow Flax Dental on Twitter and Facebook.


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