No Drill Dentistry

Laser dentistry has been around for a number of years, but only recently has the technology progressed to where it can replace the dental drill and be comfortable enough that no anesthesia is required. So if you are a patient who hates the sound, the smell, and the pain of the dental drill, this is something you want to look at.

No More Drills at your Atlanta Dentist

There are a number of lasers that are used by dentists, but one, the AMD LiteTouch™ Laser, is so advanced that it can replace the dental drill for many procedures and be used without anesthesia. This is great news for anxious patients.

Dr. Flax has a soft spot for anxious and fearful patients. Growing up, his mother hated the dentist. She suffered greatly because of this, procrastinating her regular care and ended up needing extensive treatment. As a boy, Dr. Flax decided that he wanted to be a dentist and help patients avoid the traumatic experiences his mother had. Laser dentistry perfectly complements his passion for helping fearful patients.

AMD LiteTouch™ Dental Laser in Atlanta

The AMD LiteTouch™ Laser utilizes sophisticated computer technology to control intense pulses of infrared beams for use on hard and soft tissues. This means no more drills and scalpels for most procedures.

Dr. Flax, Atlanta dentist, has been certified to use the AMD LiteTouch™  Dental Laser. He uses it for the ablation of hard tissue to remove decay or old fillings, to desensitize teeth, sterilize an infected tooth, and for crown preparation and bone shaping. Lasers are also excellent in treating soft tissues including periodontal treatment, tooth extraction, and in oral surgery.

Going to the dentist today is nothing like when you were a child. With new dental technologies like the AMD LiteTouch™ Dental Laser, today’s young patients may never know the fear and anxiety many of us faced at the thought of dental work. Dr. Flax is constantly at the forefront of discovering and implementing new dental technologies that will improve your oral health and appearance.

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If you want to find out if you’re a candidate for laser dentistry, call us in Atlanta today to set up a consultation.

For more information about laser dentistry watch the video below and visit our laser dentistry FAQ page.

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