Porcelain Onlays

Cavity Relief in Atlanta

A Porcelain Onlay can protect a damaged tooth that still has a healthy foundation. There are several types of onlays available, but if you are concerned about the appearance of the tooth, porcelain is more aesthetically-pleasing than metal alloy or gold. An all-porcelain restoration is the ideal solution for a tooth that is visible when you smile.

An inlay is essentially the same type of restoration. The difference is that inlays are cavity fillers while onlays extend to include at least one cusp of the tooth. A crown is like an onlay, but it completely covers the tooth down to the gumline.

Benefits of a Porcelain Onlay

The primary benefit of having an onlay is in the quality for the restoration. It tends to strengthen the overall tooth structure, while other filling materials tend to weaken the overall integrity of the tooth. Onlays usually require two visits, because we have to use a dental laboratory to construct the restoration in order to get it to fit the exact preparation instructions that Dr. Flax has ordered.

Dr. Flax, Atlanta dentist, has been doing porcelain onlays since dental school. His meticulous attention to detail means that no one will be able to tell you have had any type of restoration done. The margins of the onlay have to be extremely tight and Dr. Flax is a perfectionist when it comes to creating a beautiful restoration.

If you have cavities and you want the best in restoration, ask Dr. Flax, about getting a Porcelain Onlay instead of fillings.

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