Scared of the laser dentist!

I hate the dentist so much. I get so freaked out about it that I don’t sleep for nights before my appointment. My dentist was not sympathetic at all, so I decided to try someone new. He does laser dentistry. Now I’m scared of the laser dentist! Someone recommended it may be helpful to me. But I just need to know so I can prepare myself, will it hurt when they fill my cavity?

– Amy in Texas


If it helps you feel better, you are not alone. Millions of people fear the dentist for one reason or another. Some have had a painful or negative experience, others just get themselves worked up. Whatever has made you feel this way, there are dentists out there that understand.

There are two kinds of lasers in dentistry, the soft tissue laser and the hard tissue laser. For cavities, it’s likely the dentist uses a hard tissue laser. To answer your question, no laser dentistry doesn’t hurt. You don’t have to listen to the dreadful drilling and there is a good chance no needles will be required. No drill dentistry means none of the annoying drill vibrations, noise, or smell.

Laser dentistry and sedation dentistry are excellent treatment options for fearful patients. You may also be a candidate for oral sedation in the future. It may help you keep up with regular preventative visits. Sedation simply involves taking some prescribed medication before your visit. It makes you feel indifferent to what is going on. Then, afterwards it will feel like no time has passed.

Communication is key in finding the right dentist. Laser and sedation dentists are generally interested in helping fearful patients work through their fear. So be open and honest with what has brought you to him and why. Good luck!

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