Scaling & Root Planing

Call it by any of its names: scaling and root planing, conventional periodontal therapy, non-surgical periodontal therapy, deep cleaning or dental prophylaxis, the objective is the same: to remove and eliminate the causes for gum inflammation, plaque, hardened calculus and the fear of tooth loss if not treated. Furthermore – and maybe more importantly – removing these toxins could avoid triggering many other problems in the body such as: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lower birth weight, premature babies, and oral cancer.

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At Flax Dental, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer scaling and root planing to patients in need. We go beneath the gum line and eliminate plaque. Assuring you with that “clean” feeling you get right after a cleaning.

This treatment is considered both safe and effective. Regular maintenance may be required in certain cases until all the infected areas stay that way.

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