Straight Talk: Investigating the Benefits of Invisalign

invisalign atlanta | invisible braces atlanta georgiaWould you like for your teeth to get in line so you can feel better about your smile? Is misalignment causing you to struggle with dental problems? Have you been avoiding making the call to talk with your dentist about your concerns, even though you want something to change?

Don’t feel bad if this is you; it’s also hundreds of thousands of other people. The truth is, many people think that the only thing worse than having crooked teeth is having to wear braces. But why jump to conclusions without a consultation? It just may be that you can straighten out your smile with Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system of straightening teeth was developed for people just like you; folks who want to feel better about their smile but who don’t want to wear braces. The approach is similar to orthodontics: apply gentle, constant force to teeth so they will move where you want them. The mechanism, though, is different: apply that force with aligners that are more like teeth whitening trays than braces. Oh, and make those aligners removable!

The Invisalign Advantage

  • Comfort. Because aligners form over teeth, they are not only barely seen, but barely felt. Yes, patients do feel the force these trays exert. What they don’t feel is poking or catching of lips or cheek tissue on sharp bracket corners!
  • Convenience. Oh! How we love for things to be easy peasy! This seems to be the theme in modern society! Invisalign fits right in because, without the permanence of brackets and wires, patients can eat what they’d like, when they’d like. They can also make sure they get their teeth nice and clean after enjoying their favorite foods.
  • Confidence. While braces will straighten your teeth, and straighter teeth will improve your confidence, you may first feel like you’re taking two steps back to get there. With Invisalign, there is no “two steps forward, one step back.” With imperceptible aligners, you can feel great about your smile as you continue to watch your teeth move into a beautiful, straight line.

Schedule a consultation

Get more information on Invisalign! Call our Atlanta office at (404) 255-9080.

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