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Ancient Dental Implants Found!

Being that cosmetic dentistry is our business, our raison d’être, when we hear news about dental implants, we get a little excited. Nothing could have prepared us for the news that came from an archaeology site in Europe: ancient dental implants were found in a woman’s mouth…who had died 2,300 years ago! The Find The woman seems […]

Feel and Look Younger With Healthy Decisions

New Year’s resolutions give you and others the chance to start anew and change habits. If you haven’t decided your New Year’s resolution, make a priority to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine for better health and to boost your self-esteem.   Scientific evidence indicates your oral health is correlated with your overall health […]


    WHAT ARE THE PSYCHOLOGIC, ESTHETIC AND FUNCTIONAL CONSEQUENCES OF TOOTH LOSS? FACIAL BONE LOSS AND PREMATURE AGING—-CAN LOSING TEETH MAKE YOU LOOK OLDER? The very important issue of facial bone loss following tooth extraction has been grossly neglected in dentistry. The devastating consequences of this kind of bone loss are multifaceted and complex, […]


GET YOUNG AGAIN AT FLAX DENTAL Because stress in today’s world has become so common, we are finding many patients “wear” their stress on their teeth (pun intended). Reversing the effects of aging and stress is something that requires much skill and planning. Spending time to find out “why” these changes occur is critical to […]

Getting The Winning Grin: Top Ten InsiderTips

Today I’m at an anti-aging conference in Provo , Utah. There are many beautiful healthy people at this meeting. It reminded me that you don’t need to be a celebrity these days to have a beautiful smile. However, you should pick wisely in who helps you get those pearly whites that give you confidence. Over the […]

A Child’s Smile Can Predict Future Marital Success

As a parent, you hope that one day that your child will meet the right guy or gal and “live happily ever after”. What if the way they smile when you say “Cheese!” can help their marital prospects? According the latest issue of Scientific American Mind, researchers are finding that exuberance and joy in a child’s smile can affect their marital […]

The Power of Laughing

Hello again….time really does fly! Between taking care of my family and our wonderful patients, filming a video, as well as lecturing in Las Vegas and Hawaii ( mostly work folks) and assuming my new role as President Elect of the AACD, I’ve had a full plate for someone who is trying to diet.  For the many […]

Did You Know? Gum Disease is Serious as a Heart Attack

Just recently, Flax Dental collaborated with the Queen of Hearts Foundation to promote awareness about the mouth body connection between women’s heart disease and gum infection. Here are some important facts to know: More than 500,00 women die of heart disease annually-breast cancer deaths are estimated at 40,000-making heart disease the number one killer of women […]

Ain’t It A Shame

I thought of the title of the old Fats Domino song recently as my Flax Dental staff and I watched Diane Sawyer’s recent show on ABC’s Good Morning and 20/20 ” Heroes of the Hills”  As we watched the film, you see young children in the poorest parts of Appalachia drinking Mountain Dew soft drinks like most […]


After several months of updating, I am very happy to restart our Blog to share the innovative artistic and scientific side of lifelike and durable cosmetic dentistry as well as update you on the latest information on anti-aging and wellness that goes beyond our website . As my Internet friend Seth Godin shared with many others at […]