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Red Noses Raise Money

The inaugural Red Nose Day in the United States on May, 21, 2015 raises money through laughter to be used to support the children and young people living in poverty. Gathering people nationwide in a unified laugh sparked by the appearance of a big red clown nose on the most unsuspecting of faces will raise…

Start Your New Year With A Smile–For Free

Happy New Year! Hoping everyone is enjoying a wonderful season of rejuvenation and good cheer. We had a fun visit with my family in South Florida and a visit with Mickey Mouse for a couple of days. Great chance to catch up and laugh with my wife and daughters. While exercising over the holiday break,…

Keep Healthy and Good Looking: Address The Stress

The recent events of this past year have caused higher levels of stress than most of us have been accustomed to in quite a while. Our practice has observed an increase in cracked, more sensitive teeth, more complaints of headaches, and elevated occurrences of mouth ulcers.  Without a doubt, mental stress increases your chances of…


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