After several months of updating, I am very happy to restart our Blog to share the innovative artistic and scientific side of lifelike and durable cosmetic dentistry as well as update you on the latest information on anti-aging and wellness that goes beyond our website www.FlaxDental.com .

As my Internet friend Seth Godin shared with many others at the beginning of the year: ” The opportunity this year is bigger than ever: to lead change, to create a movement in a direction you want to go. While the rest of your world huddles and holds back, here’s a golden chance to use cheap media, available attention and great talent to make something that matters.”

The intent of this forum is to not only increase your knowledge to inform yourself and your friends. I want to encourage comments and question so that we have a collaborative relationship as we do with our patients. The important thing is to learn and grow so that we make “something that matters”.

I am looking forward to spending this journey with you. 


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