Why Implants Are Changing the Name of Dentistry

The concept of replacing missing teeth has evolved to dental implants where it not only restores the aesthetics and functions of a smile; it also prevents future bone loss. I published an article for Inside Dentistry, explaining the miracles from dental implants and proving it with a case study.

My expertise with dental implants

With dental implants, patients can look more attractive, be healthier, and live fuller lives.

The evolution of materials and technology—a confluence of smile design, biomechanical engineering, and polymer chemistry—has enabled dental teams (ie, restorative dentists, surgeons, and lab technicians) to deliver better results than ever before. No longer does “guesswork” come into play for any immediate prosthetic restoration. Rehabilitation is the “new standard.”

The case study

Dental Implants AtlantaDental Implants Atlanta

A 54-year-old woman with a history of Bell’s palsy came to me, saying, “My front teeth are unstable and shifting, and I am ready to overhaul my teeth.” She was very anxious about pain and treatment effects on appearance and speech.

After careful analysis, we developed a plan to help with our patient’s pain. The plan called for using six upper and five lower implants following the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s recommendations.

Because implantology is more successful when it is prosthetically driven, it was critical to do careful presurgical planning to create a pretreatment facial analysis. This enabled the discovery of the patient’s critical factors in prosthodontic smile design and how to evaluate/capture those details while planning and performing her full-mouth rehabilitation.

Dental implants in my Atlanta practice contain lifelike color and texture, well-documented durability, using inorganic nanofillers (silica) that can handle the rigors of implant hybrid restorations, and an anatomic design that allows for a directed bite forces that creates long-term results prosthetically and for the implants. For this patient, and many others, the future is bright.

The replacement of teeth with implants was once thought to be science fiction. Continual advancement in implant design, bone manipulation, bioengineering, and dental material allows dental professionals to help patients renew their lives with more esthetic and durable dentition.

You can be proud of your smile with dental implants. Please give us a call today to discuss the lifelong benefits from this worthwhile procedure!

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