Will my porcelain veneers look better than my twin sister. Can hers be shortened?

Drama is a regular occurrence when you are a twin. Well, the latest saga at the house of “she” is that my twin and I were talking about porcelain veneers to fix our similarly quirky smiles. We both have somewhat small and crooked teeth and don’t like how they look when we smile. She of course had to beat me to it and went in to her family dentist to get her porcelain veneers done. I guess she got what she deserved for keeping it form me because she pretty much looks like Bugs Bunny. Maybe I just am not used to her new look but the more I’m around her I’m convinced her smile is a mess. I haven’t told her this yet, but I really don’t want mine to look like this. I already have small teeth so I want them bigger, just not crazy looking. Do you know if her veneers can be trimmed? I want to have a suggestion before I tell her that she looks like she needs a carrot.

– Katrina in Georgia


Interesting dilemma you find yourself in. You definitely want to be careful in how you bring up this topic. Just because you don’t like the look of them, doesn’t necessarily mean she hates them. So when you ask her if she likes them, see if she seems happy. If she does, let it go. And move forward with your new smile makeover just the way you envision.

If she does want them shortened, it may be possible to trim them depending on what kind of material was used. Start with finding out what she thinks about the length first.

But you bring up another good point. You mentioned she went to your family dentist. Many people end up going to see dentists that may not be artistically inclined. Therefore, they may end up with results that are lackluster. So when it’s time for your porcelain veneers, make sure you see a reputable cosmetic dentist. Not every dentist does a good job on veneers because they require an aesthetic hand and passion for creating beauty to do beautiful work. You may also want to take a photo of your sister’s porcelain veneers so you can show it to your cosmetic dentist. This way you can explain what you do not like about her look.

Lastly, be sure that you get several opportunities to “try-on” your veneers before the final bonding. Once they have been permanently bonded, your stuck. Many excellent cosmetic dentists will give you multiple opportunities to see exactly how they will look. Sometimes they also give you a set of temporary veneers to wear for awhile so you can live with them before the permanent ones are placed.

Honesty is always the best policy with your twin. Just be sure she shares your sentiment before you are too harsh.

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