You don’t have to live with missing teeth

Dental Implants in Atlanta GAOur permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime. And part of what makes that possible in a lifetime of good care, including brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly. Most of us do all this and more to help our teeth and gums look and feel as healthy as possible. But sometimes all our efforts aren’t enough.

Loosing a tooth can be a shock

With today’s amazing dental technology and techniques, many of us may think there are multiple methods that can save our teeth, no matter what the problem. However, for various reasons, even after all our best efforts, our dentist may have to deliver some upsetting news: the tooth can’t be saved.

Here are some of the reasons that all the brushing and flossing in the world can’t save a tooth:

  • Injuries
  • Periodontal disease
  • Born without a tooth or teeth
  • Deep cracks or fractures

Whatever the reason for losing a tooth, the results can cause multiple problems, including:

  • Difficulty eating
  • Difficulty speaking normally
  • Damage to self-esteem
  • Social isolation

Dental implants can be a miracle

In addition to giving you back a proud smile, implants help maintain the normal shape and density of your jawbone; and they give the rest of you natural teeth the support they need to function properly. So you can chew, laugh, smile and speak as if you never lost a tooth. And implants are the most permanent solution for one or more missing teeth.

The success rate for the procedure is almost 100%

Implants have been helping people solve their missing tooth problems for about 25 years — because they look, feel, and function just like real teeth. And they have proven to be a permanent alternative to dentures, bridges and other tooth replacement methods. Implants are stronger than your natural teeth and can last last 10-20 years. And because they’re made of artificial material, they can’t get cavities!

And that’s not all

Learn all you need to know about dental implants by calling us today (404) 255-9080.

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