AACD Humanitarian Award


  • Losing your home
  • Losing your office and future income
  • Losing some of your family and friends
  • Losing the culture you grew up with

A humanitarian is someone who not only gives of himself to help those in need, but in doing so, also stimulates others to be generous and caring. Two years ago, when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast (and Dr. Flax’s former hometown of New Orleans), hundreds of dental colleagues, many friends and their families, had their lives ripped apart. Dr. Flax tirelessly organized the AACD Disaster Relief Fund and has raised almost $100,000 to help them and others affected by future disasters.

On May 20th, Dr. Flax received the AACD Humanitarian of the Year Award to honor those efforts. The statuette is an elegant symbol of his dedication to building camaraderie and compassion not only in the AACD but throughout the world.

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