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Press Releases

Theme of World Oral Health Day March 20, 2024: Healthy Mouth = Healthy Body
Flax Dental Practices Proactive Dentistry to Help Improve Overall Health

ATLANTA – – Dr. Hugh Flax of Flax Dental in Sandy Springs knows too well about the link between oral health and overall health, as he witnessed his own mother’s health decline due to poor dental care. This is why he’s a dentist today practicing “proactive dentistry” and incorporating the latest in digital dentistry to help patients increase longevity and quality of life as they age.

“My first goal is always to decrease fear and increase comfort and help patients understand what is going on in their mouths that is significant – – both positively and negatively,” says Dr. Flax, “With the technology we utilize today, we can show patients, through 3D scans and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future implications of current conditions.”

The National Institutes of Health found that 90% of adults ages 20 to 64 experience tooth decay, while almost 50% of adults 45 to 64 have gum disease, which can lead to conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Not only is poor oral health a risk factor in physical health but it can also lead to future problems such as tooth deterioration and loss.

Dr. Flax utilizes AI technology to detect and diagnose oral disease and predict better outcomes. With 3-D scanning, Dr. Flax can visually communicate with patients, showing them the improvements or decay of their teeth and gums over time.

“We can look for markers in your mouth that are predictive of how long your teeth will stay in place so you can smile, chew, and enjoy life to the fullest,” says Dr. Flax.

To lessen fear and increase comfort, Dr. Flax uses digital anesthesia that provides local anesthesia with a computer-assisted system that controls the flow rate and pressure for virtually pain-free injections. He also incorporates lasers to, oftentimes, do treatments with minimal to no anesthesia and to promote faster healing.

“The future of dentistry is here, and with digital dentistry and AI, we have more tools and new recipes to help our patients succeed,” states Dr. Flax, “A healthy mouth does promote a healthy body, and we take pride in partnering with our patients to contribute to their overall health and quality of life.”

The Official Dentist for Ms. Georgia

The Official Dentist for Ms. Georgia

A Smile is Always in Style

Author of, “a Smile is Always in Style”

“All these years, I’ve wanted patients to have not only a beautiful and believable smile, but also to bring joy to everyone for a long time by having them always love their appearance and how healthy their mouth feels.”

Dr. Hugh Flax, A Smile is Always in Style

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Dr. Flax is constantly spreading the word about good oral health. He wants everyone to understand how to take care of your teeth and how it relates to your overall health and wellness. If he can inform his patients and the general public about oral health, he has done his job. 

Fox 5 Atlanta: Good Day Atlanta – “Taking Care of Your Teeth” (January 20, 2020)