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LipLase Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA

Have you always wanted beautiful, plump lips? Adding volume to your lips with in-office cosmetic procedures can instantly give you a more youthful appearance. Unfortunately, lip injections are invasive and often come with side effects like discoloration, tenderness, bleeding, and even the risk of infections. LipLase offers the same results with no needles and no downtime. You can get fuller lips without the need for invasive injectables.

Dr. Hugh Flax and the team at Flax Dental in Sandy Springs can give you the plumper, smoother lips you want. We use advanced laser technology and just a few non-invasive, pain-free sessions! We also provide cosmetic dental care to patients in Sandy Springs. 

LipLase in Sandy Springs, GA

LipLase: Laser Lip Enhancement

LipLase is an easy, non-invasive alternative to traditional injectable lip fillers in Atlanta. The treatment naturally plumps your lips for a smoother, fuller appearance.

How It Works

Our LipLase lip enhancement dentists will use a high-tech Fotona laser system to apply heat to the deep layers of the interior and exterior of your lips, stimulating collagen production and improving elasticity naturally. Unlike typical injectables, LipLase stimulates the production of your own collagen rather than introducing foreign materials. Learn more about this incredible laser!

What To Expect

With a LipLase procedure, you won’t have to deal with any pain, discomfort, or a recovery period. You will experience a warm sensation on your lips, but this is both temporary and painless. You’ll see immediate results after your treatment, with your lips appearing natural-looking, more vibrant in color, and subtly fuller.

Lip Enhancement FAQs

How long does a LipLase procedure take?

In most cases, one LipLase session can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. It’s recommended that you receive several sessions over approximately six weeks to see dramatic results.

Who is a good candidate for LipLase?

Generally, LipLase is a great option for anyone who wants their lips to look fuller and smoother or who wants to achieve a more youthful appearance. It’s especially suitable for people who dislike needles or are opposed to invasive cosmetic treatments.

Collagen production slows down with age, which makes our lips appear thinner. LipLase stimulates the production of new collagen in your lips, making it an ideal procedure for older adults looking to turn back the clock on their appearance.

How long will my LipLase results last?

Because the procedure is designed to initiate collagen production, you’ll likely see ongoing improvement in your lips for the next several weeks. Most patients can enjoy full, beautiful lips for 6 to 12 months. You can maintain your results by getting regular touch-ups every 3 to 4 months once you have noticed a decrease in volume or vibrancy.