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SmoothLase Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA

Wrinkles and sagging skin are part of the natural aging process. However, many people find that these visible signs of aging take a toll on their self-confidence and impact their overall appearance. At Flax Dental, we offer SmoothLase facial rejuvenation treatments to give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance without invasive injectables.

Thanks to this amazing non-surgical technology, Dr. Hugh Flax and his incredible team can achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Our office also provides cosmetic dentistry treatments to new and existing patients. Schedule a consultation today to visit our Sandy Springs dentist for SmoothLase facial rejuvenation in Atlanta, GA.

Smoothlase in Sandy Springs, GA

SmoothLase Facial Rejuvenation

SmoothLase is an FDA-approved laser facial rejuvenation treatment that significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the nose, mouth, and chin. It noticeably tightens, firms, and lifts the skin around these areas, making you look younger and refreshed. Learn more about this incredible technology!

How It Works

As a laser resurfacing service, SmoothLase treatments use a Fotona Lightwalker laser to stimulate the production of collagen in the desired areas of the face. This naturally firms the skin and increases elasticity, giving you significant improvement over time while also preventing the formation of future wrinkles, discoloration, skin texture, and sagging.

What To Expect

SmoothLase is highly effective and can be completed with little-to-no discomfort. Some patients may feel some heat or sensitivity, particularly around areas with a lot of nerve endings such as the lips. However, most patients leave the office feeling perfectly comfortable and the procedure doesn’t require any recovery period.

SmoothLase FAQs

How many treatments do I need to see results?

The optimal number of SmoothLase treatments is different for each patient depending on a variety of factors, including age, facial structure, and desired results. In general, we recommend one treatment for every ten years of age. For example, a 50-year-old may need five treatments in order to see the best results. Each procedure takes about 30-45 minutes, so it’s relatively quick and easy.

How long will my SmoothLase results last?

The results from SmoothLase resurfacing generally last from six months to a year, depending on the number of treatments you receive. After your sessions, your results will continue to improve over the next five to six months as your skin goes through its natural cycle. After this, you can maintain the results with retouches once or twice a year for a long-lasting, smooth, refined appearance.