My sister and I are identical twins and we have both been looking into getting porcelain veneers. We both grew up with some minor crookedness. We also both have really tiny-looking teeth. Does that make sense? Well, I’m the researcher and she’s more impulsive. So you know where this is going by now. She jumped in and got them. But the joke is on her because to be completely honest, she looks like Bugs Bunny. Maybe it’s just because I am getting used to how different she looks to me. Or the dentist could have straight messed up. I have avoided telling her, but I know I need to face it and tell her. But she spent a lot of money and I am just dreading it. Anyway, I was wondering if there is any way that her porcelain veneers can be shortened?

– Sandra in Wisconsin


Oh, no! Well, you know that if the situation was reversed, you would want her to tell you. That is, if they truly are terrible, than yes, tell her. But, maybe you could ask her what she thinks of them? Ask her is she is happy with the length? If she is, you may be better off letting her be. She may have had different expectations and goals than those that you want with your smile. If you can sense that she isn’t completely happy, than you have an opening. Just be honest, in a loving way. Depending on what brand and type of porcelain veneer was used, it is possible for the cosmetic dentist to shorten them.

Before you move forward with your smile makeover, be sure the dentist is clear on your goals. Explain what you like and what you don’t like about your sister’s results. Photos go a long way, so if it comes to it, ask for a photo of your sister. Even if she likes it, you are entitled to your opinion and it would help in describing your desires to your cosmetic dentist.

Most excellent cosmetic dentists will give you an opportunity to see exactly how they will look before they are permanently bonded. Be sure you provide input and have any changes incorporated. It is a lot easier to improve the aesthetics of the veneers before they are bonded.

Good luck!

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