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Test your tooth care knowledge

Let’s start right out with a question: a recent survey conducted among single people revealed the body part deemed most important when considering potential dates and mates. Do you know what it is? Answer: Teeth are one of the first things other people notice about you Your teeth (and your smile) could be helping or […]

Finding Cavities Made Easier with CariVu

For many people, a cavity can go undetected until it is spotted on an x-ray by your dentist. Dentists are now able to use a different technology to detect cavities (also known as “caries”) and it does not require radiation. This technology is known as the CariVu. What is CariVu? CariVu is a high tech […]

What Exactly is the Solea Laser?

As we recently discussed, lasers have been used in dentistry for some time. The benefits are changing dentistry as we know it in many ways and continually evolving. This evolution has led to the introduction of the Solea laser. Our office is so excited for how this new approach to dentistry will change the patient […]

The Transformation of Dentistry Through Use of Lasers

What do you imagine when you think about a trip to the dentist? Chances are you do not picture yourself having anything close to a spa-like experience? However the introduction of lasers in dentistry may be turning a once potentially dreaded life necessity into a very pleasant and even perhaps enjoyed experience. Let’s explore how […]

Teeth In A Day Testimonial

We have an awesome new patient testimonial to share with you! This young man came to Flax Dental looking to improve his smile and we are proud to say we were able to give him an amazing new smile and go beyond his expectations with our Teeth In A Day implants. His happiness and gratitude […]

Changing Mouths from Glum to Glamorous

One of the most noticeable features of humans is our smiles. Unfortunately, some people prefer to hide their smile rather than letting them show. Oftentimes, this is due to shyness or embarrassment over the quality of their teeth. Not everyone was born with a perfect smile. In fact, it’s extremely rare! Most people will elect […]

Feel and Look Younger With Healthy Decisions

New Year’s resolutions give you and others the chance to start anew and change habits. If you haven’t decided your New Year’s resolution, make a priority to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine for better health and to boost your self-esteem.   Scientific evidence indicates your oral health is correlated with your overall health […]

Benefits of Gum Tissue Redesign

Did you know the health and aesthetics of your gums can have an impact of framing your picture-perfect smile just as much as your teeth do? While your teeth may be perfect, your gums could be deterring your smile’s true potential. Excessive gum tissue can result in the dreaded “gummy” smile, making your teeth look […]

New Technologies and New Futures

My apologies to our readers for the gap in our blog. Between attending to my late Mom and helping to design the new future of the AACD (including becoming its new President), my staff and I adding new and improved technologies to better serve you, as well as your family and friends. Therefore, over the […]

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex

Just got back from the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry Meeting. Quite a learning experience meeting and listening to dentists from throughout the world. It’s amazing the level of interest and talent from places near and far. Can’t wait to visit my new friends in the future. I received an email recently from my friend […]