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Why Adults are Choosing Invisalign for Better Smiles

Historically, the path to a straight, healthy smile meant time behind bars. Brackets is more like it, but the frustrations and discomfort associated with braces have been described as some sentence for punishment. Yes, the result from orthodontic treatment is the prize – and quite the prize it is to have a more attractive smile! […]

Straight Talk: Investigating the Benefits of Invisalign

Would you like for your teeth to get in line so you can feel better about your smile? Is misalignment causing you to struggle with dental problems? Have you been avoiding making the call to talk with your dentist about your concerns, even though you want something to change? Don’t feel bad if this is […]

What comes first – porcelain veneers, Invisalign or whitening?

My teeth are discolored and I have a crooked one in front. I am trying to figure out what I need to do first? Is tooth whitening supposed to go before porcelain veneers? Then, when would I use Invisalign for the crooked tooth? – Cora in California Cora, I can’t resist… Your question has a […]

Can’t quit coffee! Will it stain Invisalign?

I have almost convinced my husband to get Invisalign but he keeps telling me that coffee will stain the trays. Please tell me otherwise. I don’t want anyone to know I’m straitening my teeth. I know (and so does my hubby) that I will not stop drinking coffee. Will it make the trays yellow? – […]

Did I end up with generic “knock-off” Invisalign aligners?

How can I tell if I ended up with knock-off Invisalign aligners? They seem to be picking up stains almost immediately. I have a cousin that recommended Invisalign to me in the first place. Her Invisalign aligners are clear and truly invisible. Whereas in less than a week, mine are discolored. I am super cleanly […]

Can I switch from braces to Invisalign?

I hate my metal braces! They are ugly and my lip keeps getting cut from them. I think they are causing endless painful canker sores too. Can I switch to Invisalign? Or am I stuck? – Gabe in Indiana Gabe, Sorry to hear you have been having an unpleasant experience with your braces. The best […]

Can Invisalign cause TMJ?

I have been working through my Invisalign treatment for many months. I am on my 7th set of trays. Recently, I have started waking up with terrible headaches and my jaw is starting to hurt. Last week, I even feel like my face is hurting on the same side as the jaw pain. It also […]

Removing chewing gum from Invisalign aligners

We noticed a question posed on the dental blog of a colleague, Dr. Sam Sadati of Florida: “What should I do about chewing gum stuck to my Invisalign trays?” It’s a sticky problem, and one that seems to come up regularly. Invisalign is getting to be a popular way to straighten teeth. The Invisalign website […]