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It’s Q & A Time!

Usually, we think of Q & A as a time for patients to ask us questions. Today, we are turning the table. We want to let you see how much you know about a few common dental conditions or procedures! Take our short quiz to assess your Dental IQ. What is your Dental IQ? True […]

Don’t let the Holiday Hoopla Damage your Smile!

 Teeth grinding is something that a lot of people do. Usually, they do not know that they engage in the habit of bruxism, which also includes clenching the jaw (because they do it when asleep). And we would usually not put teeth grinding and the holidays into the same category at all, let alone the […]

Are you Counting your Blessings? Remember your Teeth!

There is something about being surrounded by the cool, Fall air and everything pumpkin that coaxes us into a perpetual state of gratitude. It’s inherent during the holiday season, and we welcome these feelings that we have toward our practice, our loved ones, and even toward our teeth. Whether you absolutely love the overall appearance […]

Keeping your teeth healthy is more interesting than ever

Brushing and flossing our teeth might be something we literally do with our eyes closed – these important health care habits are often the first things we do in the morning and the last things we do at night. But just because our oral care is practically on autopilot, it doesn’t mean the important tools […]

Bad teeth can make us sick, in more ways than one

Whether you know it or not, when you make a commitment to taking good care of your teeth, your efforts can improve your overall health at the same time. That’s because poor oral care has been shown to put us at risk for serious health problems, including: • Heart disease • Diabetes • Oral cancer […]

Should you skip dental visits when you’re pregnant?

The answer is a resounding, no! In fact, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that an oral examination be included in a woman’s first prenatal visit. The ACOG also recommends that medical caregivers advise all expectant mothers to see their dentists. That’s because oral health is considered an important component of a […]

Extra tips for having healthy teeth and gums

You may think you have your oral care routine nailed: brush twice daily, floss at least once a day, swish with an anti-bacterial mouthwash every day. And, of course, see your dentist regularly for and exam and professional cleaning. Check! But there are a few things you should be doing (or not doing) that can […]

Please stop doing these things to your teeth

Your dentist is always encouraging us to have good oral care habits so our teeth and gums can be healthy throughout our lives. But we all have other things we might be doing all the time that aren’t so good for our teeth. Here are some of those habits, ones your dentist would like you […]