Daily deal makes dental implants affordable – 67% off!

I’m a daily deal junkie. You know all the ones you see on Facebook or get emailed everyday. Well, I have been in the market for dental implants but I cannot afford them. So when I saw the deal-of-the-day email that said get dental implants for 67% off, I jumped! But, I am thinking it simply has to be to good to be true. What do you think? I just don’t know how any dentist can undercut the fees by that much. That said, I’m seriously considering checking out this dentist’s deal because the affordable dental implants offer is just too enticing. Don’t tell my dentist!

– Gena in Michigan


Well, you probably know where this is going. There’s a good chance that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This saying usually proves true for most daily deals that pop into your inbox.

If this dentist is offering 67% off dental implants, you have to examine how he or she is going to make anything? What you may not realize is that the distributor is taking approximately 50% of the fee. So if a normal priced implant is $2,000, the affordable dental implant price you are getting is only $660. And the distributor is getting half that, so the dentist is making $330? Something isn’t adding up.

Any quality fixture that is approved by the ADA or FDA is on average $3-500. So, the dentist is cutting somewhere else. He simply will not perform such a complex procedure as dental implants for $30. We haven’t even begun to discuss the fees involved for the porcelain crown that is attached to the implant.

Sadly, this isn’t uncommon. Dentists will go to great lengths to cut corners on dental implants. Since implant dentistry is not a regulated specialty area within dentistry, any dentist can claim to do them. You never really know what you’re getting, until for many, it’s too late. Low quality materials or improper technique can result in terrible repercussions. Implants impinging on the sinus cavity, infection, loose implants, or even dental implants that fall out. We have heard it all. So be absolutely sure you research your dentist, their credentials, and ask about cases similar to yours before signing on the line. Don’t let the affordable price tag be your only determining factor. Or you may end up paying for it in the long run and the procedure can be much more expensive if the work has to be corrected.

Another possibility with this affordable dental implants offer is that it may be for mini implants. Or the dentist may have an extremely high markup and therefore can say he or she is giving a discount. Just be sure to read the fine print.

Proceed with caution.

This post is sponsored by Atlanta cosmetic dentist Flax Dental.

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