Years ago ER was “must see TV”. With George Clooney’s return on tonight’s episode of ER, I took a surf of the blogosphere and of found this tidbit on The Blogodontist. Not that he needed alot of help in being more attractive, Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney , who is rated a “10” by most women, had a smile makeover in the past year that makes him look more energetic and more youthful. Worn, shorter and yellow teeth shown in the photos below gave George ( a.k.a. Dr. Doug Ross) a more aged appearance. Without a doubt his improved smile is a great accessory to his image. Usually when a smile ages like this, it is a sign of bite imbalances and/or the effects of grinding. Looks like George got some excellent help rebuilding the edges of lost enamel with porcelain veneers or crowns, possibly some laser care for his gums, and hopefully treating the cause first with some bite therapy. Certainly, ER becomes more important with Dr. Doug on the show tonight–giving all of us (especially George Clooney) plenty of more reasons to smile.

Keep smiling right,