My dentist is all hyped up about his new laser dentistry. He sold me when he told me he can take care of my fillings without using a drill. But I don’t really understand laser tooth fillings? It seems more expensive, but I hate the sound of a drill so I am willing to try it. I just don’t understand if I’ll end up with dark or white fillings?

– Paul in California


Laser dentistry has nothing to do with the type of filling material used in the tooth. The laser is used to remove the decay and replaces the drill. It is pain-free, noise-free, and as you know, completely drill-free dentistry. Many dentists are adding this innovative technology to their practices. Sometimes you would even need to be numbed for the procedure.

The powerful laser removes the decay to prepare the tooth for the restorative material. Then the dentist will fill the tooth. The two filling materials are amalgam which appear as “silver” fillings or whit composite fillings. If your dentist is using a laser, he is likely placing composite fillings because it is a much newer technology. The bonding of the composite directly to the tooth actually strengthens the tooth and it blends in beautifully with the surrounding teeth. No one will be able to tell you had a filling done with composite fillings.

Laser dentistry will be more expensive than traditional drilling. Call your dentist directly for a price quote so you know what to expect. Thank you for your question. It can be confusing.

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