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Your smile is the foundation of your communication. A gleaming smile can show the people around you that you’re happy and healthy. At Flax Dental, our award-winning Atlanta cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hugh Flax, is here to help patients recover their smiles after damage and wear with full mouth rehabilitation

As the former president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Flax is highly skilled in improving the health and appearance of your smile. Our dental team emphasizes patient comfort and satisfaction throughout each treatment for a successful reconstruction. 

Call (404) 255-9080 to schedule your full mouth rehabilitation consultation with our accredited Atlanta cosmetic dentist. We can’t wait to make your smile shine again!

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What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction, also called full mouth rehabilitation, is a complex restorative treatment that repairs or replaces all of a patient’s teeth and other vital oral structures in a single procedure or series of visits. 

Full mouth reconstruction takes a comprehensive approach to oral health. This process can involve multiple cosmetic and restorative procedures like dental implants, crowns, veneers, gum grafts, and orthodontics. Dr. Flax customizes these treatments to meet your exact oral health needs and smile goals.

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Candidates For Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a highly effective solution for patients with:

  • Severely decayed, damaged, or missing teeth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Uneven gum lines from receded gums
  • Jaw alignment problems like underbites or overbites
  • Facial collapse due to missing teeth
  • Outdated or broken dental work

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

With Dr. Flax’s artistic vision and advanced skills, you can achieve a picture-perfect smile that enhances your natural features. Full mouth reconstruction offers these transformative benefits for both smile function and aesthetics:

  • Restored oral health by replacing decayed, damaged, or missing teeth
  • Healthier oral tissues
  • Improved ability to chew, speak, and swallow
  • Corrected bite alignment and jaw position
  • Straight, evenly sized, and shaped teeth
  • Whiter, brighter smile with porcelain restorations
  • More youthful facial profile after replacing missing teeth
  • Increased confidence from an aesthetically pleasing new smile
  • Convenience of coordinated care in one practice
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What to Expect During Full Mouth Reconstruction at Flax Dental

Full mouth reconstruction is a complex, carefully planned process. Dr. Flax makes sure you understand what to expect every step of the way.

Initial Consultation

The process begins with comprehensive exams at our Atlanta cosmetic dentistry office. During your comprehensive exam, Dr. Flax will assess your oral health before taking digital scans, photos, and impressions. 

He’ll also analyze your facial features, bite alignment, and jaw position before discussing your aesthetic goals and treatment options. Based on all the gathered information, Dr. Flax will create your individualized reconstruction plan. 

Oral Health Care

Before beginning restorative treatments, Dr. Flax will also provide necessary treatments to restore oral health, including tooth extraction, gum disease treatment, or root canal therapy. 

Restoring Your Smile

If you need dental implants to replace missing teeth, Dr. Flax will place them and allow osseointegration to begin over the next few months. 

He’ll place your permanent restorations once the dental implants firmly bond with the jaw through osseointegration. We’ll finalize your new restorations by methodically adjusting the placement and bite for ideal fit and function.

Follow-Up Appointments

As you grow accustomed to living with a radiant smile, Dr. Flax will monitor your healing and make any necessary adjustments. He’ll check that your reconstructed bite and jaw alignment are comfortable as you adjust to the feel. 

If needed, we can refine the aesthetics of your new smile. Dr. Flax also provides detailed oral hygiene instructions to protect your dental work. With his internationally renowned oversight, you’ll quickly adapt to your revitalized smile.

Why Choose Dr. Hugh Flax for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When selecting a dentist for full mouth reconstruction, you need an experienced professional you can trust. Dr. Hugh Flax has advanced skills, an eye for aesthetics, and a dedication to patients to craft natural-looking, functional smiles.

As an accredited leading cosmetic dentist and author of A Smile Is Always In Style, Dr. Flax stays current on the latest full-mouth reconstruction techniques. He combines cosmetic artistry with technical precision to create smiles tailored to patients’ facial features. Dr. Flax also provides compassionate care, taking time to understand each patient’s needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are dental implants used in full mouth reconstruction?

Your dentist may use implants to replace individual teeth or support bridges during reconstruction. Implants restore chewing function, prevent bone loss, and enable optimal durability of tooth restorations.

How long does full mouth reconstruction treatment take?

Treatment length depends on the scope of restoration required. Simple cases may involve six to eight visits over two to four months. Extensive reconstructions with significant implants may take nine to 12 months to complete.

What kind of special care is required after full mouth reconstruction?

Strict oral hygiene is essential for protecting your dental work. Your dentist will give you detailed home care instructions for cleaning teeth, implants, and dental appliances. They’ll monitor your adjusted bite at follow-ups. Avoid hard, sticky foods that could damage restorations. 

Visit your dentist for professional cleanings and exams every three to six months. Proper care maximizes the longevity of your reconstructed smile.

Is full mouth reconstruction painful?

Your dentist should use advanced techniques and technology to maximize comfort. Local anesthesia is used during surgical procedures like extractions and implant placement. Mild post-op sensitivity can be managed with over-the-counter medication.

The Perks of Being a Patient

As a patient of Flax Dental, you’ll enjoy a spa-like dental experience like no other. We’re focused on helping our patients feel comfortable and cared for from start to finish.

Get ready for a bit of pampering during your time with us.

  • ZNoise-canceling headphones
  • ZWarm, relaxing neck pillow
  • ZSoothing essential oils
  • ZComforting lip balm placed prior to care
  • ZCalming, ambient background music
  • ZSoft, fresh blankets
  • ZComplimentary café bar

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200+ 5-star patient reviews

“Flax Dental is amazing!! They are extremely thorough, thoughtful, and organized. Very kind staff and beautiful, clean facilities.”

— Sophia P.

Combining science and art for incredible results

Dr. Flax is an award-winning, internationally respected dentist. He has decades of experience creating long-term wellness and beautiful, believable smiles. This attention to detail and expertise is backed by a top-tier team who will treat you to red-carpet service.

Give Your Smile a Complete Makeover at Flax Dental

If you suffer from extensive dental problems that make smiling unenjoyable, full mouth reconstruction can help. With his exceptional training, artistic vision, and dedication to patients, Dr. Hugh Flax develops customized plans to reconstruct entire smiles for optimal function and beauty.

Contact Flax Dental today at (404) 255-9080 or request an appointment online to schedule your full mouth reconstruction consultation with Dr. Flax at our Atlanta dental office. 

We’re happily accepting new and returning patients from the Atlanta Metro area, including Sandy Springs, Buckhead, and Marietta, GA. Discover how Dr. Flax can give you the healthy, stunning smile you’ve always imagined!

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