Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Atlanta

At Flax Dental in Atlanta, we can restore your smile, help you chew better, and improve your health with our full mouth reconstruction services. Full mouth reconstruction means we use cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to rebuild your smile and your bite relationship. Not all cosmetic dentists in Atlanta are qualified to orchestrate a full mouth reconstruction, yet Dr. Hugh Flax has the experience and knowledge to successfully transform your smile.

A full mouth reconstruction often requires that we restore the teeth in the upper and lower jaws. It’s vital to replace missing teeth because tooth roots give the jaw bone purpose. If all your teeth—or even most of your teeth—are missing, your jaw bone begins to recede. This causes your face to lose structure. We may use a variety of approaches including veneers, crowns and bridges and dental implants.

Full Mouth Restoration in Atlanta

Before we create a full mouth restoration treatment plan, we always evaluate your dental health beforehand. Atlanta dentist, Dr. Flax, always considers your oral health assessment as a major component of your complete well-being.

A full mouth restoration cannot only put a smile back on your face, but it can also ensure your continued good health. Full mouth restoration can help to improve TMJ and migraine pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and enamel wear due to your bite.

Full mouth restoration can improve crowded and crooked teeth if a patient does not want to do braces.

A healthy mouth means a healthy body! At Flax Dental, our Atlanta cosmetic dentist’s goal is to ensure the dental and whole body health of patients lives with cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, preventive dentistry, and restorative dentistry.

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