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What comes first – porcelain veneers, Invisalign or whitening?

My teeth are discolored and I have a crooked one in front. I am trying to figure out what I need to do first? Is tooth whitening supposed to go before porcelain veneers? Then, when would I use Invisalign for the crooked tooth? – Cora in California Cora, I can’t resist… Your question has a…

A holistic dentistry approach for orthodontics

Our dentist has given us a referral to a local orthodontist. After that first appointment, of course, he wanted to do braces. But my son is extremely allergic to nickel. So I was asking him if Invisalign was a possibility. He told me that my son isn’t an Invisalign candidate and suggested ceramic braces. Deep…

Can’t quit coffee! Will it stain Invisalign?

I have almost convinced my husband to get Invisalign but he keeps telling me that coffee will stain the trays. Please tell me otherwise. I don’t want anyone to know I’m straitening my teeth. I know (and so does my hubby) that I will not stop drinking coffee. Will it make the trays yellow? –…

Did I end up with generic “knock-off” Invisalign aligners?

How can I tell if I ended up with knock-off Invisalign aligners? They seem to be picking up stains almost immediately. I have a cousin that recommended Invisalign to me in the first place. Her Invisalign aligners are clear and truly invisible. Whereas in less than a week, mine are discolored. I am super cleanly…

Can I switch from braces to Invisalign?

I hate my metal braces! They are ugly and my lip keeps getting cut from them. I think they are causing endless painful canker sores too. Can I switch to Invisalign? Or am I stuck? – Gabe in Indiana Gabe, Sorry to hear you have been having an unpleasant experience with your braces. The best…

Can Invisalign cause TMJ?

I have been working through my Invisalign treatment for many months. I am on my 7th set of trays. Recently, I have started waking up with terrible headaches and my jaw is starting to hurt. Last week, I even feel like my face is hurting on the same side as the jaw pain. It also…


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