Will Medicaid cover my dental implants?

I need to have some teeth pulled, and after reviewing all my options, dental implants are what I choose to go with. I realize they are an expensive option, but hope to use my insurance to make the implants more affordable. I have Medicaid, and am having a hard time finding an implant dentist that accepts Medicaid. Will Medicaid cover the implants that I need?

– Paul in California

No, it is unfortunate that Medicaid will likely not cover your dental implants. Medicaid was designed to take care of a few basic treatments; definitely not more elaborate treatments like dental implants. Medicaid, like most traditional insurances always aims to cover the least expensive treatments. Since there are alternatives to implants that are less costly, implants can be construed as an “elective” treatment, therefore not covered. It is too bad, as implants as we know are the best option of replacing missing teeth, mimicking the natural tooth as close as possible. Though you naturally wish to utilize your Medicaid insurance, a majority of patients end up financing the cost make dental implants more affordable. The functionality and esthetics of the implant will surely make it  an investment you will appreciate.

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