Teeth in a Day

Get Permanent Dentures in Atlanta

Imagine replacing all of your unhealthy teeth or removable dentures with beautiful new teeth in just one day. With Teeth in a Day it can be done with only four to six denture implants and no bone grafting.

In one day, patients at Flax Dental can leave with a beautiful smile and new teeth that feel and function like permanent teeth. This procedure is a non-removable denture implant option designed to maximize the use of available bone.

Unfortunately, so many patients have been told by previous dentists, “Denture implants will be difficult or impossible because you don’t have enough bone.” However, with Dr. Flax’s skill and advanced technology at his disposal, we are now able to routinely provide dental implants utilizing this technique.

Are you a candidate for denture implants?

  • Someone who is currently wearing a full denture.
  • Someone who is about to lose all of their teeth because of severe bone loss and/or decay.

How We Accomplish This

Together, with our highly specialized and experienced denture implant surgeon and lab, our team uses high-tech dental implant technology that utilizes your remaining bone. By doing so, we provide you with a long-term replacement that looks and feels more realistic than loose, old-fashioned dentures, which ultimately make you look older because your lips and cheeks cave in from tooth and bone loss.

The “key ingredient,” taught to Dr. Flax by world-famous Dr. Thomas Balshi in Philadelphia, is a breakthrough in design and positioning of the implant. By placing it at precise angles in your jawbone, which are preplanned with our computerized 3-D Cone Beam Technology and our team, we create a robust foundation for your new teeth.

Connecting the denture implants together throughout your jaw creates the stability for healing and preserves bone unlike old fashioned dentures. Following the placement of the denture implants, and a recommended six-month healing period, we then place the permanent titanium-supported and highly customized dental prosthesis on top of the implants.

The Benefits of Teeth In A Day

  • Immediately regain confidence in your smile — no more worries or embarrassment of your teeth falling out or sore spots that require denture creams and adhesives.
  • No bulkiness of acrylic so you can speak better and enjoy the taste of food sooner.
  • Eat healthier foods for better nutrition and energy.
  • Get rid of bacteria that make you more prone to tooth infection and overall disease, such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Reduces the need for extensive bone grafts or sinus lift surgery, which in turn decreases the healing time and cost associated with this procedure.
  • Helps you maintain a healthier jaw structure.

Schedule a Consultation

Request and appointment at our dental office in Sandy Springs near Brookhaven in Atlanta GA or call 404-255-9080. Atlanta dentist, Dr. Hug Flax, will consult with you to see if you are a candidate for Teeth In A Day.

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