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A Successful Dental Career Built out of Love for his Mom

A person’s career choices can easily be influenced by childhood experiences that leave a lasting impact. This is definitely true for Dr. Hugh Flax, DDS. Dr. Flax’s passion for serving the dental profession started during his childhood. Growing up in the 1970’s, Dr. Flax observed the severe dental fears from which his mother suffered. “If you’ve […]

Dr. Flax is Sponsoring the AACD APEX Student Scholarship!

That’s right everyone. Dr. Flax along with two other AACD accredited dentists are sponsoring the AACD APEX Student Scholarship for 2015! The lucky students who win this scholarship will attend the renowned American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session held in San Francisco this year to learn from the cosmetic dental world’s finest educators. Scholarship Finalists Will […]

Dr. Flax Receives Awards and Commendation!

Whoa there, Dr. Flax!  Your one and only favorite Atlanta dentist is mighty popular lately.  He’s earned a new prestigious membership, been featured in an online publication, and earned a big award.  Check him out!   ICOI Membership. ICOI is an organization and stands for International Congress for Oral Implantologists.   Dr. Flax has recently […]

5 Tips to Help You Sleep!

1. Maintain a sleep schedule Many of us work odd hours or try to multitask by staying up late to finish projects. This negatively impacts your body’s natural rhythm, the result being a failed sleep pattern. The solution is to set a regular time to go to sleep and wake up and, crucially, to maintain the same schedule on […]

Awesome Dental Trivia

Trivia can at times feel, well, trivial. Other times it’s fun and enlightening. We hope the latter is true when you check out these awesome dental trivia facts about animals. Some are more enlightening than others, but they’re all fun. Animals Cats have 30 teeth. Dogs top them with 42. But the mosquito has them […]

How to Regrow Teeth…Using Light

Cut off the tail of a gecko and it grows back. Same goes for a salamander. A sea star too can lose a limb and then regrow it. In biology, this is called regeneration. It has been extensively studied in animals like those just named. It’s also been studied in human biology. In our bodies […]

Ancient Dental Implants Found!

Being that cosmetic dentistry is our business, our raison d’être, when we hear news about dental implants, we get a little excited. Nothing could have prepared us for the news that came from an archaeology site in Europe: ancient dental implants were found in a woman’s mouth…who had died 2,300 years ago! The Find The woman seems […]

White Teeth Make All the Difference

We live in a very superficial world (or maybe just a superficial country). A person’s looks can—unfortunately—mean the difference between getting hired and getting rejected. It often makes or breaks first impressions. And arguably the most important part of the person’s looks is their smile, and therefore, their teeth. The Thin White Line Across the pond, the […]

Why Do Olympians Have Bad Teeth?

There is an odd trend among professional athletes. They spend their whole lives, every day, striving for physical perfection. They train to run faster, jump higher, execute plays and be the best. For such a emphasis on physical attributes, many athletes neglect a crucial part of their physical appearance: their teeth. The Root of Athletes’ […]

Five Important Questions To Ask A Cosmetic Dentist

This year, my staff and I have been doing a lot of “extreme remakeovers” . What I mean is that we have had to redo many smile designs because of improper care or that the dentist didn’t meet the patient’s expectations. All of these patients-and their loved ones–are very upset that there is no governing body to […]