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Botched porcelain veneers gave me uneven gums

I recently had porcelain veneers done. My dentist has been raving about how beautiful they will be and what a difference they will make in how I feel about myself. I got to see them in the mirror before he permanently cemented them on and I thought they were going to be wonderful. But after…

Can you shorten porcelain veneers?

My sister and I are identical twins and we have both been looking into getting porcelain veneers. We both grew up with some minor crookedness. We also both have really tiny-looking teeth. Does that make sense? Well, I’m the researcher and she’s more impulsive. So you know where this is going by now. She jumped…

Help! My porcelain veneers look fake!

I have been debating forever if I should spend the money on myself and finally pulled the trigger on getting porcelain veneers. And when I look in the mirror, I just want to cry. They look like chicklets! They are bulky and white boxes over the eight teeth I had done. I called my dentist…


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